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OriginalMy’s ABC token (Anti-Bureacracy Coin) was designed to help fulfill our mission: reducing bureaucracy and increasing the efficiency of notary services and governance in Brazil and all around the world.

In 2018, it was listed in 5 exchanges, two Brazilian (Braziliex and BOMESP), and three international (TokenJar, Idex and Kompler), and now we have the huge pleasure of announcing the listing in a Top 100 CoinMarketCap exchange, ABCC!

Oh, and since it couldn’t be otherwise, this new listing comes with an awesome airdrop, in which TWO MILLION ABCs will be distributed! And yes, you read right, we’ll distribute TWO MILLION ABCs – by far the biggest airdrop ever made by OriginalMy!

Do you want to know how to participate and earn ABCs? So keep on reading this post!

What is the ABC token?

The Anti-Bureaucracy Coin is a utility token based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. It is NOT a form of digital currency, nor it constitutes a security or commodity of any kind.

With it, holders can access the services and applications of the OriginalMy platform, such as contract signing and Blockchain ID, with progressive discounts. In addition, it can also be used to purchase products from our partners, and in the future, it will be used in incentive programs for our decentralized network of validators.

You can read more about the ABC token on the OriginalMy website.

How to earn ABC tokens?

The ABC token will be listed on the new exchange on March 29th, 2019. The airdrop campaign will begin on the same date and will run until April 5th.

In the airdrop, it will be possible to win tokens in two different ways, either through deposit or trading.

Earning ABCs through deposit

During the campaign, the 200 users who first deposit a minimum value of 100,000 ABCs will earn 10,000 ABCs as a reward.

In this way, 2 MILLION tokens will be distributed. The criteria used here will simply be the order of arrival: the first 200 people who deposit at least 100,000 ABCs into their exchange accounts will earn 10,000 tokens. First come, first serve, simple as that, without any stress or complication.

Earning tokens through trading

The second way is a bit more complicated but gives much larger amounts of tokens as a reward. 10 MILLION ABCs will be distributed in the following manner:

TWO MILLION ABCs will be distributed to 200 users who have a transaction volume greater than 100,000 ABCs during the campaign period, that is, March 29th through April 5th. Each of them will earn 10,000 tokens.

In addition, EIGHT MILLION tokens will be distributed among all users who trade more than 200,000 ABCs and have at least 1,000 ATs in their accounts (AT is the native ABCC exchange token, and it is necessary to have it to participate in this particular challenge – you do not need to have TAs to join the airdrop for deposit or the 100,000 trading contest).

These EIGHT million will be distributed as follows:

  • TWO MILLION ABCs to the user with a higher volume of trading;
  • ONE MILLION ABCs to the second place;
  • TWO MILLION ABCs, shared equally, between the third to tenth positions in the ranking;
  • THREE MILLION ABCs, also shared equally, for the remaining users who meet the basic participation criteria (having made more than 200,000 in ABC trading and having at least 1,000 ATs in their exchange account at the time of the evaluation).

Important considerations

  • Although the name of our token, ABC, is similar to that of exchange, ABCC, we have no connection whatsoever to it and this is, in fact, nothing more than a coincidence;
  • Be aware of the deadlines and requirements informed by the exchange. The airdrop is being conducted by them and not by us, so in case you have any problem related to it, it is quite likely that we will not be able to interfere to help you;
  • To participate in the airdrop, users will either have to complete the entire KYC process, OR authorize SMS authentication, OR allow Google authentication before April 5th. Any of the three must necessarily be done. We understand that many users are not comfortable with such procedures, but unfortunately, this is a requirement of the exchange so you can open an account there;
  • The coins deposited cannot be withdrawn from March 29th until April 17th. If you win any of the prizes but withdraw your coins from the exchange during this period, you will not receive the ABCs of the airdrop;
  • All rewards will be deposited into users’ accounts by April 24;
  • If you have any complaints about the rewards, please contact the exchange within three days of distribution. Complaints submitted after this period will not be reviewed;
  • Participants caught cheating will be disqualified immediately. The final decision on such cases is done by the exchange and we have no influence over it;
  • You can contact the ABCC exchange via Twitter and Telegram, both in English;
  • If you decide to join the airdrop campaign, understand that the ABC token, like any other token or cryptocurrency, may have high price volatility. You are solely responsible for the decision whether to participate or not, and OriginalMy is not responsible for any fluctuation in the price of tokens.

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