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Yesterday, the Ethereum Classic Network apparently suffered the so-called ‘51% attack’, which means that some block potentially could be rewritten (the only accurate information is that some blocks have been reorganized). An attack of 51% (actually 50%+1) is only possible in truly open, distributed and decentralized blockchains.

Blockchain 51% attack

Blockchain 51% attack

There is still a lot of controversial information around the case, about the number of affected blocks that were reorganized, about the origin of the attack vector and whether there was any attack.

In any case, we would like to inform our customers that no registries made through OriginalMy have been lost or tampered. We reviewed all the document registrations made yesterday and none has was affected by the issues on Ethereum Classic Network, being all of them certified correctly.

We also would like to point out that OriginalMy certifies authenticity and timestamp in more than one blockchain by default (Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, DCRTime/Decred + Ethereum optional for companies), as well we have database redundancy in different cloud providers. We have check routines in case of a change in a transaction, due to malleability attack occurred in the Bitcoin network and also avoid problems with orphan chains.

Any question, just call us by email, Telegram or Facebook.