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You work hard to create something new, look for references and inspirations, practically put your soul to make something epic and… when you least expect it, you find out that someone plagiarized your work on the internet! Without even mentioning you or your effort, he or she just went there and blatantly copied your content! Is there anything more FRUSTRATING for a creator than plagiarism?!


And the worst part is that most people don’t even have a clue as to what to do about it! We live in the era of “nothing is created, everything is copied” and, with the internet being seen as a no man’s land, where laws are not applicable, we end up with the perfect recipe for mountains of undue copies and frustrated artists!

But, after all, is there any way to protect ourselves from plagiarism? Yes, there is! If you are a blogger or vlogger, this post was made just for you, so make sure to check it out to find out how blockchain can help you protect your copyright!

What are copyrights and where do they come from?

First of all, we need to understand what copyright is and what it its legal basis. In Brazil, for example, they are governed by Law No. 9.610/1998, which protects intellectual works, that is, the “creations of the spirit, expressed by any means or fixed in any medium, tangible or intangible.”

The text of the law may seem a bit confusing, right? Translating the legalese, we say that copyright, in a simple way, serves to protect the expression of human ideas. Notice here that we talk about expression since a mere idea in your head is not protected. In order to be protected, the idea must be externalized, “laid out,” and fixed somewhere, such as text, painting, film, or music.


And that’s all! From the moment you externalize this idea in the world, to use the terms of the law, the copyright is yours. That is why we say that it is born with the work. It is not necessary to register your work to hold the rights over it.

But there is a small problem… Even if you don’t need to register the work to have a copyright, you will probably need it to prove that that work was, in fact, yours, in the event of a legal dispute.

Let me explain it better. In the legal world, whoever claims something needs to prove it – that is, if you want to sue someone for misuse of your work, you will need to convince the judge that you had created that piece before the other person! In those moments, if you have a record of the work, it will be easier to do it.

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And what does blockchain have to do with plagiarism on the internet?

This register of works is usually done in a notary’s office, which, unfortunately, is often an expensive and time-consuming process. However, new alternatives are emerging, among them blockchain technology, which can help you protect your copyright.

From improvements in the logistics of elections to combating fake news and optimizing the healthcare industry, blockchain has become a buzzword when it comes to storing data safely.


In short, it is a decentralized and distributed database in which several types of files can be stored securely, linearly and in an immutable manner (that is, impossible to modify or delete). When a file is added to the blockchain, it receives a timestamp that accurately shows the date and time it entered the system.

This time stamp, combined with the fact that information in the blockchain can no longer be modified, brings a very interesting possibility to copyright protection. Imagine that, instead of registering your work at the notary’s office, the author can do everything online, without having to leave his house, with this new technology that is much more convenient, and end up producing strong evidence in case of a legal dispute?


If this idea seems too good to be true, or at least too complex, don’t worry! With the proof of authenticity offered by OriginalMy, you get a new alternative, faster and cheaper than the traditional process, to protect your work against plagiarism!

This technology can also help combat plagiarism in the music industry, among other possibilities. Check out the video below, in which our CEO explains some of them! The video is in Portuguese, but you can select English subtitles and enjoy it!

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