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And we came to the sixth episode of LegalTalk already, your weekly live series about the legal world and technology. This time we had a partnership with Elas in Tech, an incredible group that aims to increase women’s access to and protagonism in the technology market, which made our conversation even more special.

This time, we interviewed Camila Riojas, a lawyer at Opice Blum, who is a legal architect and legal hacker. In the episode, she explained to us what these things are and why they represent the future of the legal profession.

According to her, the aim of the law should be to anticipate problems and try to prevent them from happening, and not simply act to solve a dispute that might not even need to exist. As Camila puts it, lawyers should act “before the cat climbs on the roof”:

“When you think preemptively about the whole course of action, what steps need to be automated to improve our access to the goal we want to achieve – be it a legislative proposal, a change in the workplace, or put a new process, a new procedure, running within a certain company – and it is in this gap, because it is a gap, a space to be filled, by professionals who can speak these two languages, of law and technology, and think of solutions and how to implement them for a better society.

In this sense, technology can be an important ally for us to rethink the legal system – that is, for us to hack it! – empowering people so that legal problems can be solved in different, more efficient and fair ways.

If I were you, I would not miss this episode, which you can watch in full below!

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– Andréia Santos: Organizational Culture and Technology