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OriginalMy was featured in the May edition of Exame magazine, the main publication about companies and businesses in Brazil. In the special issue about Government 4.0, the magazine highlighted the role of digital technologies such as big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence to improve public services, optimizing the way government interacts with its citizens.

The magazine interviewed key players from two of the world’s most advanced countries in terms of digitization, Estonia and Denmark. Our CEO, Edilson Osório, talked about the Baltic country, which presents impressive trends and statistics when it comes to providing government services through electronic platforms, such as:

  • 99% of public services are offered digitally, and physical presence is required only for marriages, divorces and real estate registrations;
  • 99% of the banking transactions are carried out online;
  • 98% of businesses are opened over the internet, and the entire process can be done in just 18 minutes;
  • more than a 1,000 public and private institutions are part of X-Road, the digital platform that stores citizens’ data.

In this context, OriginalMy’s work with the certification of identities, signatures and digital documents was highlighted. The Exame magazine mentioned the company in the following way:

“Digital certification
Edilson Osório Júnior moved his startup, OriginalMy, from São Paulo to Tallinn, in Estonia, a little over a year ago, in order to open markets for the company. Osório Júnior created a document certification and identity validation platform with the use of blockchain technology, which creates a kind of decentralized and secure public record. Developed in 2015, OriginalMy’s register system has been the target of the wrath of Brazilian notaries, which it as see a competitor entering their domains. The company’s developers are still in Brazil. Meanwhile, based in a coworking space where once there was an electronics factory in the Soviet era, Osório Júnior tries to raise $ 1.5 million to invest in expanding the business and seeks European partners for its technology.”


The article can be found on Exame’s website under the title “The Time and Place for Government 4.0” (A Hora e a Vez do Governo 4.0), or in the physical issue of Exame magazine n 1186, sold from May 29th onwards.

So, are you now interested in our digitalization strategy? You can read more about our products on the OriginalMy website or talk directly with our Head of Sales to find out how we can help you!