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As announced during the 7th Bitconf, the conference about cryptocurrencies and blockchain that took place on the 4th and 5th of this month, in São Paulo, OriginalMy now has a new investor, 3xBit.

The partnership between two of the most important and innovative technology companies in the country was made to offer even better and more disruptive solutions to customers, both in Brazil and abroad.

Edilson Osório, the CEO of OriginalMy, revealed to Criptofácil, a local news portal, in the report titled 3XBIT compra participação da empresa OriginalMy  (3xBit purchases participation of the OriginalMy company) that

This partnership between 3XBIT and OriginalMy is a a win-win type, because we can take advantage of the potential of both companies to create innovation and disruption for this market. When we walk together towards the same goal, the more people we have, we become unbeatable!

In the same article, Saint Claire Izidoro, the CEO of 3xBit, stated that

We acquired a part of OriginalMy first because of the synergy aspect. We both worked to bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies beyond the financial world, which is also part of our brand repositioning. Many people know about 3XBIT as an exchange, but we are in fact a company that has an exchange among many other things. All other fronts are related. OriginalMy is also like this: they have several solutions and it makes a lot of sense to work together with us. “

In an interview with WeBitcoin, in the article Exchange 3xbit anuncia aquisição de parte da OriginalMy (3xBit exchange announces the acquisition of part of OriginalMy), Saint Claire explained that the acquisition is an important part of the strategy of internationalization of his company.

Today OriginalMy is in Estonia, going to the Crypto Valley. Today they have advisors from Samsung and Google, and we understand that it has full synergy with our work. (…) It is a partnership from which we expect to reap many benefits, because both of us have the possibility to build very relevant things, from the technical standpoint.

The news was reported in the following channels:
– Portal do Bitcoin: 3xBit anuncia compra de parte da OriginalMy durante a Bitconf (3xBit announces acquisition of part of OriginalMy during Bitconf)
– Fusões & Aquisicões: 3xBit Exchange announces acquisition of part of OriginalMy
– Cointimes: 3xBit announces news during Bitconf
– Tesouro Invest: 3xBit announces acquisition of part of OriginalMy during Bitconf

The amounts involved were not disclosed to the public.

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