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OriginalMy was featured in an article published by Cointelegraph Brazil on November 1st titled “Pesquisa mostra aumento na busca por profissionais de blockchain no Brasil; advogados lideram”. In order to make it available to the international community, we translated the material. Enjoy!

Survey shows increased search for blockchain professionals in Brazil; lawyers lead

After surveys show that, in the US, digital skills are not exclusive to the IT industry, a survey conducted in Brazil showed that the situation is very similar in that country, with a growing demand for technology professionals – including blockchain technology.

The situation is currently common in several areas, some with no direct link with technology – as is the case with law. Lawyers with advanced technology knowledge are among the most sought after in the market.

Robert Half, a recruitment consultancy, has published a survey of 200 US attorneys who claim to prioritize certain skills when hiring. 48% spoke of cybersecurity, 43% spoke of data analytics, 31% cited artificial intelligence and 17% spoke of blockchain.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, Telenses Group has teamed up with Digital House to create the first edition of Paradigma Digital, a survey designed to understand the demand for digital skills and professionals in our country. Luiz Valente, CEO of Telenses Group, said:

“The IT professional is still the most demanded professional because there is a belief in most organizations that for digital transformation to take place, it must come from the area of ​​information technology. This is not necessarily absolute truth. Of course, the technical part is key, but we are talking about something bigger: culture, mindset, and that is independent of the hiring area.”

Apart from IT, the three areas that most demand hiring digital professionals are finance, with 64%; logistics, with 58%; and legal, with 56%. Despite the growing demand for Digital Marketing, the legal area ended up being more demanded. Leandro Bittioli, Senior Manager of TI & Digital’s Recruitment Division, said:

“The great difficulty in finding digital law professionals is because these are very new skills and competencies. Legal areas are undergoing major digital transformations, seeking to streamline a series of processes to gain agility and digitize what previously required printed paper.”

Digital House CEO Carlos Júlio added:

“The LGPD (the Brazilian General Data Protection Act), which comes into force in August 2020, is creating an urgency for companies to understand how digital transformation is impacting law. We already have several digital-focused laws, but few lawyers specialize in that.”

Currently, Digital Law is a course that only exists in postgraduate and free courses.

Unlike Marketing, which has courses focused on the digital area already in undergraduate degrees, the process of transformation in the legal field is not happening so abruptly, although there are already clear signs that the sooner it gets updated, the more opportunities law practitioners will have.

Law and blockchain

A great example of the union of law and blockchain is OriginalMy, which uses the technology to validate and authenticate notary documents in an automated manner [in Brazil].

Other use cases include proof of authorship registration, online content authenticity certification, digital document and files verification, and document signing anywhere in the world.

In addition, The Police Foundation has created a report called “Reforming Justice for the Digital Age” which gives an idea of ​​how blockchain will revolutionize the British judiciary, making it faster, cheaper, more effective and secure, citing cases where governments already use the technology such as Estonia and the United States.

The constant use of the digital protocol of trust in law is a reality that only tends to increase over time.

Currently, there is already a great demand for hiring, being the area with the greatest difficulty in the digital environment. And when public agencies start adopting this new technology, it will become even more evident.

This post contains the English version of the article originally featured at Cointelegraph Brazil in Portuguese.

OriginalMy’s PACWeb was recognized by the Court of Appeals of São Paulo as a valid way to collect and store evidence of online content for courts. You can learn more about it on our website and download the plugin on the Chrome Play Store.