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Startup Estonia has published an article titled 2019 is the year of global talent enriching the Estonian Startup Ecosystem, in which they talk about foreign founders and employees in the Baltic country.

Brazil was the country with most employees allocating to Estonia with the Startup Visa program. In total, 44 Brazilians were granted a Visa or a Temporary Residence Permit in 2019. To illustrate this, Startup Estonia interviewed our Founder and CEO Edilson to talk about his experience and his reasons to move to Estonia. Here’s what he told them:

“We decided at the end of 2017, after the Brazilian regulation environment becoming grey for blockchain companies. Our regulators didn’t understand about our technology and some congressman was trying to criminalize public blockchains because of cryptocurrencies (we don’t trade or sell cryptocurrencies, but it is needed as an internal input to our public authentication system on a blockchain). Because of the insecure legal environment, our lawyers decided to do research to find a more friendly jurisdiction for a company like OriginalMy. We made a matrix listing many jurisdictions, and crossing taxes, regulation and costs. Plus, because of our idea of approaching the EU market in the future, Estonia jumped to the top of the list.”

Edilson was also featured on Startup Estonia’s The products behind 7 of Estonia’s international founders. In the report, they presented OriginalMy and our services.

“Originalmy is a regtech startup using blockchain protocols to certify identities, signatures and digital content rights.
With the Originalmy framework, Edilson’s team have developed several tools enabling companies to follow compliance regulations in various regulatory environments. For example, Originalmy offers decentralized identities. This enables companies to store user data securely and follow the necessary rules and regulations of GDPR. More, because Originalmy can verify identities digitally, there is no longer a need for passwords or form filling in order to verify their identities. Originalmy certified over 100,000 registries in 2018 and has effectively saved people over a million hours moving through typically bureaucratic processes.”

This recognition is a direct result of our hard work in Estonia.

There, we were selected for the Top 10 Best Startups at Latitude59, the most important startup event in the Baltic region, which took place in Tallinn on May 16th and 17th. In the video below, you can watch the final pitch made by our CEO Edilson.

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