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OriginalMy was recognized by the European Union as a trusted blockchain application and has just become the newest member of  INATBA – the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications. This recognition not only shows our hard work but places OriginalMy on the same level as some of the biggest players in the market.

The Brussels-based Association brings together developers and users of Distributed Ledger Technologies, regulators and policymakers, creating a forum for discussion of how to advance the adoption of blockchain across multiple sectors. INATBA is one of the many initiatives brought forth by the European Union with such a goal, which includes also the European Blockchain Partnership and the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

The European Union sees blockchain as a strategic component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, hence the focus on creating a regulatory and investment framework to boost its development in the continent. According to the EU:

“Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are considered to be transformative for the decades to come. They have the potential to bring great improvements for the European industry – from start-ups to large corporates, administrations and citizens – enabling decentralised, trusted, transparent, user-centric digital services and stimulate new and improved business models, to the benefit of society and sustainable economic growth. They can transform internet and digital services globally.”

The European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, has said something similar during the opening speech of INATBA’s launch ceremony, stating that the Association:

“Clearly signifies that blockchain technology will be a driving force for our economy in the coming years, and through INATBA we will be able to foster an environment that encourages the application of the technology across the EU member states.”

For OriginalMy, being recognized by the European Union as a Trusted Blockchain Application is yet another confirmation of the quality of our work. We have been helping to improve governance, reduce bureaucracy and promote access to justice for all since 2015. That’s only the beginning.


OriginalMy’s PACWeb was recognized by the Court of Appeals of São Paulo as a valid way to collect and store evidence of online content for courts. You can learn more about it on our website and download the plugin on the Chrome Play Store.

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