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We’ve already on the fourth episode of LegalTalk, can you believe it? This time, in our series of weekly Youtube lives about law and technology, we interviewed Andréia Santos, lawyer and manager at Daniel Lab.

The focus of this conversation was the human element behind the implementation of new technologies. Andréia offered several insights on how digital education should be a priority if we want to use new tools in our favor and create a positive organizational culture. According to her:

“We haven’t been taught how to deal with constant change, and technology changes every day, and that creates stress at work. Transformation within a company generates a lot of anxiety, so to avoid wasting time and money – because that can happen if you don’tt prepare the people there to deal with a technology, because people tend to get stressed and sabotage the process. And sometimes it is not even on purpose, but because they don’t understand how that technology works. People need to understand how technology works, that work will no longer be just their area of ​​expertise. The idea that we have here is to get rid of this technophobia so that people feel comfortable and want to create new processes and change, and to make them feel good.”

We also talked about the importance of developing soft skills such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking, and how technology, if well implemented, can be a great ally for ensuring fundamental rights, such as access to justice.

Did you like it? Then watch the full interview in the video below!

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