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In the second episode of LegalTalk, our series of weekly lives on Youtube about law and technology, we interviewed Tatiana Revoredo, a blockchain specialist. This time we talked, as always, about the impact of technology on the law, focusing on the digitization of the legal world and the future of lawyers. According to Tatiana:

“It is necessary for lawyers to see this social and commercial transformation and realize that he will be needed in a new way. Many services that lawyers provide today are no longer going to be needed and will even be replaced by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, but this does not mean that their market will disappear. On the contrary, for everything that requires a lot of intuition or perception, the lawyer will be essential, and then we return to that point that lawyers should an asset of the customer, because she has to anticipate the solutions, not only to repair damages, but also to look preventively in order to mitigate legal risks. “

We also talked about the role of blockchain in the law, including the new issues it brings, such as the case of inheriting crypto assets and using smart contracts in global supply chains. You can watch the entire interview with this and more in the video below.

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