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OriginalMy is a startup using blockchain technology to improve governance, reduce bureaucracy and democratize access to justice. It has been doing this since 2015 – even before the Ethereum blockchain was launched!

It has been recognized by the United Nations as a blockchain use case for social impact that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals and is considered by the European Union as a Trusted Blockchain Application, being a member of INATBA alongside some of the most respected players in the market.

OriginalMy has been praised by the governments of Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland, among others, and has participated in acceleration projects in top companies such as Google, Totvs and Accenture, in four different countries: Brazil, Estonia, Switzerland and USA (Silicon Valley).

Now that you know how amazing we are, here are seven things you can do through the OriginalMy platform!


1. Collect evidence of online content to be used in court with the OriginalMy PACWeb

The occurrence of cybercrime is growing exponentially. In Brazil, for instance, there was an increase of 110% in the number of cases in 2018. Social media platforms, in particular, are increasingly being used to commit crimes such as slander, defamation, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, revenge porn, and others.

One of the main reasons why it is so hard to fight these types of crimes is the collection and preservation of the evidence that they occurred. Since an online publication can easily be deleted, the people responsible for harmful content often get rid of the materials, rendering the victims unable to go to court to seek reparations.

In Brazil, there are normally two ways to collect and preserve this evidence, and both are inefficient. The first is to take a print screen, which is easy to do, but normally not accepted by judges since it can be forged. The second is to go to a public notary so she can attest to have seen the publication – an option that is accepted in court, but very expensive, time-consuming and slow, and since notaries are only open from 10:00 to 17:00 on workdays, it might as well be that by the time you go there the person has already deleted the publication!

It was because of that that OriginalMy created the PACWeb, a tool for people to collect evidence of online content and register it on blockchain.

The PACWeb is a plugin for the Chrome browser that, when activated, scans the page being viewed and generates an automatic report with a complete copy of its content. The report contains the personal information of the person using the plugin and comes with a timestamp, which indicates the date and time that it was generated, and a hash, a unique and exclusive code used to verify the authenticity of the document.

The report can be registered on the blockchain or authenticated by a notary – both of which can be done through the OriginalMy platform.

Evidence collected using the PACWeb has already been recognized by the Court of Appeals of São Paulo as legally valid and is routinely used by hundreds of lawyers in Brazil.

What are you waiting for? Download the PACWeb and start collecting evidence of online content with more security and speed right away!


2. Sign public petitions for Congress to vote on a project of law

In Brazil, the Federal Constitution guarantees the right of initiative as a way for citizens to participate directly in the country’s democracy. With it, any project that collects the signature of more than 1% of voters must be taken to Congress to be voted and turned into law.

The problem is, as you would expect, that Brazil is a very large country, with 1% of its voters meaning that almost 1.5 MILLION SIGNATURES have to be collected in order for this right of initiative to be exercised. Not only the logistical part of collecting this many signatures in complicated but, after they are collected, it is virtually impossible to verify their authenticity and validate them.

Because of that, the right to initiative was never fully granted to voters. The last time it was attempted in Brazil, with the Ficha Limpa proposal, 1,6 million signatures were collected and more than TWO TONS OF PAPER were delivered to Congress – but, nevertheless, the signatures were not validated and the project only went ahead because a congressman proposed it as his own.

In a partnership with ITS Rio, OriginalMy has helped to develop Mudamos, an app that allows people to create verified blockchain IDs and use them to vote in initiatives and exercise their constitutional rightsSince the IDs are verified, containing all the voter information required by the Constitution, and the signatures are associated with each account, they can easily be validated, confirming their authenticity, and count!

40 projects of law are currently open and can be signed by voters, out of 7.000 proposals received. The app has been downloaded more than 600.000 times, and more than 380.000 signatures were collected. Ah, and most important, TWO LAWS WERE PASSED with the help of signatures collected through Mudamos!


3. Digitally sign documents and contracts with proof of identity through OriginalMy OMySign

Even though many people think that paper-based contracts are safer than the digital ones, that is a misconception. Physical contracts have many issues and can be forged and defrauded. Some of their problems include:

  • The hassle of having to physically go somewhere to sign a contract, especially when there are more than two parties involved, some of them are located in a different city or country, or it is required that each party go to their respective notary to verify their signature;
  • Forging signatures and pretending to be someone else;
  • Changing the document after it was signed (especially when one is not careful enough and signs only the last page);
  • In long negotiations, in which contracts go back and forth between lawyers, signing different versions of the document;
  • Losing or damaging the physical contract or document, and all the expenses related to properly storing them.

But with the OMySign, you can get rid of all bureaucracy to sign contracts with a single app from OriginalMy, using it to sign documents and contracts with your verified OMyID – Blockchain ID.

Since the OMyID can only be accessed through the smartphone of the user, the possibility of someone forging your signature becomes almost impossible – they would have first to steal your device AND the information needed to unlock it, including your biometrical data! It is also useful if the party argues that they were not the ones to sign the contract, or that they did so by mistake.

Additionally, as each document or contract contains a unique and exclusive hash that identifies them, as well as a timestamp, they become impossible to modify once signed. If any modification is done, the hash will no longer be the same as the original, and you will know that someone tried to defraud it.

Finally, OriginalMy’s OMyID also helps to reduce the time required to sign a contract, because all the parties can now do it easily through the app!

Start signing your contracts and documents with OMySign and get rid of bureaucracy!


4. Log in to websites without username and password

Are you tired of having to create a new username and password EVERY TIME you need to use a new platform? Not only that is a bothersome process, but it means more of your data out of your control, potentially being used for purposes you don’t even know, exposing your information to hackers and other security threats.

The good news is that you can prevent that by using your OMyID to log in to several websites, including the exchanges 3xBit and Profitfy! Usernames and passwords are OUT. You, having control of your data, deciding which information to share, with whom and for which purposes? Definitely IN!


5. Register your intellectual property with OriginalMy PACDigital

Intellectual property can be divided into two domains: copyright and industrial property. The first refers to creative works in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, such as books, music, and movies. The latter, by its turn, refers to more commercial applications, such as patents, trademarks, and industrial designs.

The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of 1886 is the document that gives the basis for the protection of copyright in virtually all the countries in the world. According to it, the registration of the work is not necessary for the recognition of copyright, because copyright is “born with the work” – so from the moment an idea is expressed and fixed in the world, its author already holds the rights to it. Nevertheless, most authors still register their work, especially as a way to have proof that they were the ones to create it if there is a case of plagiarism and they have to take it to a judge.

This process is normally done at the respective public office, but it has some downsides: it can be expensive and, more importantly, very slow. In Brasil, for example, registering a book can take more than three months, starting from the date the documents are received by the National Library. In the age of the Internet, this is way too much time, and it is possible for plagiarists to copy your work before you get the register!

But guess what? With the PACDigital, you can upload your creation, in any digital format, on the OriginalMy platform, and register it on the blockchain! The register on blockchain gives your file a timestamp, proving the date and time it was certified, and a hash to identify it and verify its authenticity. This ensures that, if someone plagiarizes your work, you can have the evidence you need to show the judge that you had created it BEFORE the other person.

Please note that this refers to copyright. When it comes to industrial property, as in the case of patents, they need to be granted by the government, so you HAVE to register them there. However, you can still register industrial property on blockchain while you wait for the official decision, and be protected in the meantime.

Are you ready to discover the easiest way to protect your intellectual property? Then start using the PACDigital!


6. Certify and track e-mails and their content

Knowing when an e-mail was opened is not only convenient, but it can be crucial depending on your line of business. Insurance companies in Brazil, for instance, must be able to prove that have notified clients of missing payments – otherwise, they have to cover the costs of accidents even if the person has defaulted!

The same is true for companies that work with Online Dispute Resolution since they have to prove that the parties have received the invitation for mediation and arbitration. You can learn more about it in the video below, which was part of an interview with the CEO of MOL, Melissa Gava, a company that uses our service to certify and track e-mails. English subtitles are available.


7. Authenticate documents without having to go to a notary

In Brazil, millions of hours and dollars are wasted every year from the costs associated with people having to physically go to notaries to authenticate documents. In order to reduce this bureaucracy, OriginalMy has partnered up with notary Azevêdo Bastos to offer the PACNotary service. With it, Brazilians can simply upload their digital documents, pay a small fee and receive their authenticated documents by e-mail ASAP!


So, what did you think about OriginalMy’s services? Are you ready to join us to #HackTheNotaries, reduce bureaucracy and improve governance? Then don’t forget to use: