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OriginalMy was elected the best startup in cybersecurity category: Privacy, Data Protection and Compliance.

  • OriginalMy, founded by the Brazilian Edilson Osório, was chosen to represent Estonia in a world competition promoted by the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Company is the world champion in the Cybersecurity category: Privacy, Data Protection and Compliance.
  • The startup was nominated as the best and most innovative digital solution in Estonia by the WSA and already had recognition from the UN and the European Union.
  • Born in Brazil and with a strong presence in the country, OriginalMy moved the company to Estonia in 2018

OriginalMy, an Estonian startup that operates in the field of governance and cybersecurity, established itself as a world champion in the most important investment event in the world, held by the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai. They were chosen as one of the best companies at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), held between the 20th and 22nd of October. Five companies were awarded, one in each category, namely: Growth; Social Impact; Best Use of Innovation; Climate and Environmental Impact; and Privacy, Data Protection and Compliance. Representing Estonia, OriginalMy was awarded among companies from Russia, Portugal, Mexico and Malaysia, receiving a prize of US $ 10,000 given by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Founded in Brazil in 2015, OriginalMy migrated its activities to Europe because of the legal uncertainty in the Brazilian scenario for its area of ​​operation. Thus, in 2018 OriginalMy was approved by Startup Estonia, a program to foster innovation and startups organised by the Estonian government. Also in October, it was named the best and most innovative digital solution in Estonia by the WSA. In 2019, the company joined the Top 10 Best Startups at Latitude59, the flagship start-up event in the Baltic region, which took place in the Estonian capital Tallinn on 16 and 17 May. Among the Nordics, it was featured in the report Startups to Watch at the Tech BBQ event in Denmark. In the same year, OriginalMy was recognised by the European Union as a Trusted Blockchain Application and became a member of INATBA – the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications. Based in Brussels, INATBA brings together developers, users, regulators and policymakers, creating a forum for discussing how to advance the adoption of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) in diverse sectors. OriginalMy has active presence assisting in the preparation and review of documents that will guide European regulation.


“This award is an acknowledgement for the work we are doing at OriginalMy. Being able to represent Estonia at a global event, the largest investor event in the world is at least remarkable. We are very happy for the whole team, and now we want to take all this innovation that we are bringing to Estonia and Brazil, to the rest of the world”, said the company’s CEO, Edilson Osório.


The startup carries on with its most excellent performance and, even with headquarters in Estonia, it is delivering solutions that fight fraud and promote greater access to justice in Brazil. OriginalMy is responsible for the PACWeb solution that has been cited in court decisions as a means of preserving economic, safe and non-invasive evidence. There have been more than 1500 downloads of the PACWeb plugin and almost 9,000 pieces of evidence preserved by the tool, for use in courts proceedings. Currently, in partnership with some very reputable lawyers, they launched the PAC Electoral, a package of solutions to fight disinformation in the electoral period. In addition to these solutions, their other products are helping companies to comply with the new General Data Protection Law.

The healthcare segment has also benefited from their solutions, in particular Open Prescription, a free and open-source solution, created by the company during the pandemic in 2020 to facilitate the issuing of medical prescriptions with greater security and economy. More than 1500 prescriptions have already been issued through the platform, and the solution guarantees the sending of the medical prescription, digitally signed by the doctor and with a timestamp, maintaining the privacy of doctor-patient confidentiality so that the patient can send it to the pharmacy of his choice and buy the prescribed medication. Authenticating the whole process without storing information about the treatment, it was developed during The Global Hack, a global hackathon held on April 10 and 11, to quickly share and develop solutions to face the current crisis caused by Covid-19. Open Prescription was chosen to be in the Top 10 governance solutions presented in the event.