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Ah, the beginning of a new year… That period of optimism when you make a list of resolutions with all the things you’ll do differently and better: you’ll go back to the gym, you’ll eat less junk food, you’ll spend more quality time with your family…


I believe that you WANT to do these things, after all, who doesn’t want to be the best they can possibly be? There is just one problem… Let’s be honest, you usually drop these resolutions, no matter how hard you try, after a couple of weeks, and more often than not, you blame it on not having ENOUGH TIME to do everything you’re supposed to.

What if I told you that there is actually a way to find more time to do these and other things that really matter, and that OriginalMy can help you do it? Then let me show you how.


The time spent with bureaucracy

One of the main culprits for people not having enough time to do what’s important for them is bad bureaucracy. It is something so common that most people eventually get used to it! Can you imagine getting used to long lines, having to fill in three different copies of the same form, spending HOURS waiting at the notary and, to make it even worse, having to pay loads of money for it? Yep, welcome to the reality of most countries, especially in Latin America.


In this post, I’ll give you some examples of the high costs of bureaucracy, using Brazil as the main example, to show you how absurd they can be, and then I’ll tell you how OriginalMy can help you deal with them.

Signing contracts

In Brazil, it is usual that, when signing a contract, you go to the notary so that they can verify your signature. In a country with low social trust, this happens as a way to try to prevent people from forging signatures. The downside: it is a costly process, both in terms of time and money.

It takes, on average, about an hour to go to the notary to verify a signature (counting there the amount of time you’ll lose in traffic to go there and then again waiting on the line). That is for EACH SIGNATURE, by the way, since you have to go to the notary that has your signature archived (which will most likely not be the same as the other parties’)! Can you imagine LOSING FOUR HOURS TO BUREAUCRACY if you have to sign a contract with three other people?


If that’s bad for individuals, try to think about the impact this has on companies, which need to sign hundreds of contracts every month… What we end up with is an economy that loses MILLIONS OF HOURS every year to bureaucracy – hours that could be used in productive activities that actually contribute to the country’s growth.

Authentication of documents

In countries like Brazil, a copy of a document generally doesn’t have the same validity of the original, so if you want to use a copy for something, you have to go to the notary and authenticate it. This basically means that they will compare the two versions – the original and the copy – to see if they are the same, that there is no fraud, and then give you a stamp saying so.

Which, of course, means losing at least another hour of your time by going to the notary PER DOCUMENT. If you do the math when it comes to companies, which have to deal with paperwork and have their documents authenticated all the time, you can see how damaging this can be.


So, how can OriginalMy help?

It makes me really happy to tell you that we have developed many solutions to help you save time. The first is our blockchain ID, which allows you to sign contracts with people anywhere, anytime. The electronic signature has the same legal validity as the one done in physical paper, and since the ID is verified, we can make that the signatories are who they say they are – thus preventing fraud and making the process more secure. You can read more about electronic signatures and its advantages in here.


OriginalMy also has a partnership with Azevêdo Bastos, a Brazilian notary, and now Brazilians can authenticate their documents without having to physically go anywhere! You can simply submit the PDF version of the document on our platform and we will send it to the notary, which will authenticate it and send it to your email – taking a process that would normally cost you at least an hour and doing it in mere minutes! You can do it a 100% online, with no hassle, on your desktop or mobile. Authenticating your documents can’t get any easier than that!

In the video below, you can see other ways in which OriginalMy can help you to save time. Check it out!

Save time now!

As you can see, OriginalMy offers many services to make your life easier and help you save precious time. In this post, we have talked mainly about the Brazilian case, since we are originally a Brazilian company, but we have good news about that. We have recently moved to Estonia and are now expanding and working on providing solutions to other countries as well.

Would you like to know more about OriginalMy? Then check our new website and check out what we’ve been up to in 2018!