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Have you ever heard of copyright? They are nothing more than a set of laws designed to make sure that artists – musicians, writers, painters, comic artists, etc. – have authorship over their creations and reap the benefits that come from them. After all, in a world full of fake news, it’s important to stay on the side of truth, is not it?

You will learn, with this post, what copyright means in practical terms and how blockchain technology can help to ensure them, so enjoy the reading!


What is copyright?

As mentioned, copyright is a series of laws designed to ensure the circulation and delivery of cultural production, which can manifest in different formats such as books, newspapers, films, scientific articles, videos, and music albums. The regulation in Brazil, for example, is made through law n. 9.610/1998, which aims to protect “the creations of the spirit, expressed by any means or fixed in any medium, tangible or intangible.”

If you create any kind of content (textual, visual or audiovisual) for the internet, for example, the rights to this work are yours or your company’s and NOBODY without prior authorization can reproduce or modify them. Unfortunately, the digital landscape is still seen by many as a no man’s land where everything is valid, and thus plagiarism (copying without permission or credit), happens frequently.


However, in most legislation, including the Brazilian, the American and the European, there is one aspect that should be highlighted. There is no need for a piece of artwork to be registered in order for the author to hold copyright over it. According to the law, the copyright is born with the work and, because of this, the registering it is not obligatory. However, in cases of legal dispute, it is necessary to prove precedence to in order to argue for the right on the work.

For this, registering authenticity is usually the solution – a function traditionally carried out by notary offices. However, this process neither very practical or cheap. Fortunately, new solutions are coming up for you to ensure the authorship of your work, and one of them has to do with blockchain technology!

How to ensure copyright with the help of blockchain technology?

Blockchain, in short, is a distributed, decentralized database in which several types of files can be stored securely and in an immutable manner. Therefore, these files can not be changed or deleted improperly.

In addition, they are registered with a timestamp, which indicates precisely the date and time when it was added to the system. By doing so, it serves as an excellent record that that content existed, at that moment, in that manner – creating a strong proof of authorship in case of a legal dispute.


You can find out more about how blockchain helps copyright protection in the music industry in this post here. Also, check out the video below, in which our CEO explains additional types of records that can be made with this new technology! The video is in Portuguese, but you can select English subtitles from the menu.

As you can see, copyright is a very serious matter, and knowing the law is crucial for you to protect your creations in the best possible way! If you liked this post and want to stay up to date with news about blockchain and its use cases, make sure to follow us on social media. You can find us on LinkedInTwitter and on Facebook!